The Iron Dome and Your Spiritual Battle

The Iron Dome and Your Spiritual Battle

Do you have the interceptor or detector to combat those threats? Are you fortifying your spiritual defense system with earnest prayer and consistent reading of the Word of God?

Dr. Jun AmparoApr 3, 2023, 8:58 AM

Did you know that Israel and Hamas have ongoing clashes or conflicts in the middle east? Hamas is a militant and political organization currently in power in the Gaza Strip, launching rockets against Israel.


On the other hand, Israel has also conducted airstrikes in Gaza. Among its targets has been a network of tunnels that Israel says is controlled by the Hamas militant group.


Countries like the US and Russia have called for a ceasefire, including international groups like the European Union and the United Nations. They have appealed to end the conflicts to prevent the loss of lives, mainly civilians. Unfortunately, Hamas had recently launched more than a thousand rockets to destroy Israel.


The Iron Dome

Interestingly, this conflict is how Israel responded to this severe threat. With support from the US, Israel started an Iron Dome project – an aerial defense system.

The ultimate goal of the Iron Dome is to protect the citizens against the rockets from the enemy.

It is a type of rocket-defense system created to intercept and destroy the rockets before they hit the ground or any populated areas in Israel.

As a result, it prevents potential damage to properties and infrastructure and protects many people’s lives.

According to the report, the Iron Dome has 90 percent accuracy. It means it cannot intercept all rockets from Gaza. In the latest news, about 2,200 rockets were fired by the Hamas militia, hoping to overwhelm the defense system and hit their target.


And failure to detect and intercept the incoming rockets can put the lives of civilians at risk. There are chances that the aerial defense system will miss other missiles fired at Israel. And missing even just a single rocket can destroy lives.


Additionally, the Iron Dome is designed only for close-range and non-sophisticated missiles such as ballistic missiles. The point is that the Iron Dome has limitations.


Your Spiritual Battle

What about us? How do we connect this incident to our spiritual battle? Are we missing some important aspects of our spiritual life? Is it possible that the enemy can be like a rocket that may ruin our relationship with God?


What are the rockets in your life? Worries and anxieties? Materialism? Sexual gratification? Social media? Gossip? Do you have the interceptor or detector to combat those threats? Are you fortifying your spiritual defense system with earnest prayer and consistent reading of the Word of God?


Final thoughts

We’re in a battle in this world. We may not see it, but the enemy would always do his best to discourage us. He would love to see us in fear. And his goal is to sow worries, lies, and deception, hoping that he will defeat the children of God.


Is your Iron Dome completely ready to protect you? Do you rely on your knowledge and strength as your shield? I hope not.  As children of God, we must be ready for spiritual warfare. And the only way to do this is to depend on Jesus and ensure we have constant communion with Him daily. When you’re in doubt if you could win against the enemy, don’t worry.


Jesus already won the battle, and he will help you too in your spiritual warfare. He is much more powerful than the Iron Dome.


Submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. - James 4:7

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