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Are You Being Forgotten By Someone?

Has someone forgotten you? Maybe your parents or close friends? Do you think they don't care about your current condition? Have you been abused by people who are supposed to love you?

Never Forget to Compliment Your Wife

There are so many marriages that need healing. And one of the reasons is the inability to compliment or give praises to one another.

Becoming a Minimalist: Great Lessons On Moving Into a New Apartment

Christians can benefit from practicing minimalism as long as it does not take precedence your their beliefs.

7 Biblical Money Principles to Improve Your Finances

In God’s economy, stewardship is measured by having the right perspective about material blessings.

The Secret to Live A Long Life: Is to Honor Your Parents

The secret to living a long life is simply by honoring your parents. The Bible says you will live a long life when you honor your father and mother

Hope Channel Establishes New Studio in Southeast Asia

On August 9, 2019, a newly designed, state-of-the-art, Hope Channel studio was inaugurated in Ban Muak Lek, Thailand